Welcome to PeopleNet, the new name for Trimble

Already known as Trimble, a leader in the surveying and construction industries, the company has now changed its name to PeopleNet. This rebranding is part of a new initiative that will help mix up the company’s image and position it as a leading supplier of industry-specific technology. Trimble, a company that is known for its GPS and surveying technology, has been completely rebranded. They have changed their name to PeopleNet and now they are focusing on providing different products in the field of people-centric technology. This includes technologies such as augmented reality, indoor positioning, wireless sensors, and data collection network systems.

How can Trimble change the way people move?

Trimble is making a big change to the way it helps people move. The company has already begun by changing its name from Trimble Navigation Limited to PeopleNet and has announced changes in its strategy that should be effective immediately. Established in 1995, Trimble is one of the world’s most successful suppliers of highly accurate surveying and construction technology. This includes total station products that are used for field mapping, engineering services, and site planning. Today, Trimble announced a new name for their company Peoplenet. The move comes as a result of Trimble’s developing work in smart cities and more urban areas, which is transforming the way people live. PeopleNet is now the new name for Trimble. This change will impact how people move with a focus on the next generation of transportation. The company has also updated its logo, which will be seen by more than 100 million people each year.

Why is automation necessary for state-of-the-art transportation systems?

Automation is necessary for state-of-the-art transportation systems because it is needed to keep up with the evolving demands of society. These systems must be able to communicate with each other and react in real-time due to the need for faster and more reliable services. Trimble is a computer software and hardware company that has been around for more than 30 years. We provide software to people who design, build and operate transportation systems primarily in the construction industry. Automation is necessary for state-of-the-art transportation systems because manual work is too labor-intensive and prohibitively expensive.